ARCHITECTS - Nightmares

Architects - Nightmares

8 songs
30:21 minutes
***** ***
In At The Deep End


I can't repeat it often enough: there is not much originality to be gained from math metal, but every so often I come across newcomer bands that leave me speechless nonetheless. For instance Brighton kids Architects who probably still have to go to school, considering they average 18 years. You can't expect such youngsters to innovate a genre, but then I wouldn't have expected them to play already in such a bone-breaking high league of instrumental craziness. The two-and-a-half-minute opener To The Death tells you from the beginning that Architects are not only into extreme metal and noisy hardcore, but that they like to show off their technical talents. Unlike previous years' trends which often asked hardly any talent from the participating bands, mathy metalcore is very demanding in its mastery of tricky time signatures and impossible drum breaks.

Nightmares therefore is not only an excellent and promising debut that belies the band's tender age, but also leaves room for hope that if they enter the scene already with such a masterpiece, that there is yet much more to come in the future. With big parts of the movement settled down all across the USA, it is also refreshing to see that the United Kingdom is sprouting this kind of bands too.

Half an hour may be a bit short, but then Architects manage to put so many different parts into their eight songs that would have other bands filling up at least three albums. It is of course never easy to follow the different songs' directions, but if you pay enough attention, you will notice that underneath the angular instrumentation, there is always room to hide a melody that just waits to be uncovered. This makes Nightmares excellent brain fodder for ADHD kids!

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