ARGETTI - Flags Of Karma

Argetti - Flags Of Karma

12 songs
38:14 minutes
***** **
Fond Of Life


Not only the band name hints at Argetti’s Italian origins, but also vocalist Guido Becchetti displays a noticeable southern European accent. That’s hardly an inconvenience though, as the quartet is working hard on creating an entertaining form of punk rock. The band was founded in 2004 and released before Flags Of Karma a demo and their debut In My Shoes.

Argetti are fond of fast and straightforward songwriting provided with catchy choruses that instantly hook themselves in your brain. Even their harder material (Avogado Communication) retains a solid melodic foundation. Their mostly fast songs are great fun, which can best be heard on their punk hymn West Jesus and on the excellently arranged Perfect Summer. Their Offspring clone Jonny Dellamore also knows to please.

Flags Of Karma sounds exactly according to one’s expectations to a melodic punk CD. Argetti make no blunders and did well with everything: songwriting, production and layout. They only need to look harder for an own identity.

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