ARMADA - Rage Of The Armada

Armada - Rage Of The Armada

13 songs
58:14 minutes
***** *


I have never been very fond of the German power metal band Stormwitch, so you can understand my apprehension when I read that The Armada is the band of two ex-Stormwitch musicians. As the label "true metal" is loaded with too many clichés, the band prefers to call its style symphonic and progressive metal. Mmmh, it's definitely not as symphonic as Rhapsody, and I wouldn't call it progressive either. The songs are fairly accessible, and the omnipresent double bass drum attacks give it a definite power metal feeling. The vocalist likes to be compared to Jeff Scott Soto, which also adds a Northern touch. OK, Endless Crusade has some baroque elements, but apart from that, you get your typical power metal album: mostly fast songs, vocals that are rather high-pitched but sometimes with a rough edge, fast rhythms, and mostly listenable, except when it comes to the dreadful ballad Crimson Winter Sunrise. Another thing that surprises me is the rather basic production... if I were mean, I'd even say cheap production. Sounds at times more like a better demo release than a regular album. But then this adds a bit to the charm and authenticity of the music. As if we were teleported back to the glorious times of the mid-Eighties when even I tried to have long hair and discovered the pleasures of heavy metal music. Nearly 20 years have gone since then, so that Rage Of The Armada is mostly interesting to heavy metal nostalgiacs. It's nothing new and original, but it's done with charm and better than your average power metal album.

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