ARMY RISING - Impending Chaos

Army Rising - Impending Chaos

10 songs
47:27 minutes
***** **


When it comes to music, Ireland is mostly known for traditional drivel la Lords Of The Dance, while the more popular side is best known for schlager king Johnny Logan, the inevitable U2 and possibly Therapy?. Metal from Ireland is not so common, but Army Rising do their best to change that fact. In doing so, the youngsters have been inspired by artists much older than them.

The main influences of Army Rising are probably Metallica, Megadeth and maybe some other bands from the Bay Area thrash scene. Some modern parts have also found their way into the songwriting, making me occasionally think of Soilwork and Lamb Of God. There’s nothing to complain about their influences, and Army Rising aren’t acting badly at all. They definitely master their instruments, and there are also a couple of good ideas in their songwriting, but that’s also their major weakness. They work hard to add enough breaks to prevent monotony, but by doing so commit two mistakes that lessen the listening enjoyment. For one thing, the breaks are not always very fluent, thus creating a certain awkwardness. Furthermore they are overdoing things sometimes, resulting in overly long songs. Especially the last third of the album doesn’t come up with many new ideas. Metallica may excel at this kind of music, but Army Rising are not yet at that level. I concede though that the musicians are fully motivated and have a joy of playing which can be detected throughout the album.

Nostalgic thrashers will find a lot to like in Army Rising, while the more modern minded might be a little at a loss. I expect that there is still much room for improvement, and am looking forward to hearing more from this promising band in the future.

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