ARTABAN - Landscapes

Artaban - Landscapes

7 songs
30:53 minutes
***** ***


In a country where there are quite active rock and electro scenes, it was only a question of time when the first band would try to bridge the gap between those two. Artaban consist of brothers Max and Charles Nilles. Max is also the drummer for indie rockers Miaow Miaow although he plays the bass guitar in Artaban. His brother Charles is in charge of the beats, keyboard melodies and effects. Their background in art communications furthermore allows them to wrap it all up in a delicious packaging.

Landscapes is a seven song mini-CD that displays the duo’s pop sensibilities in just over half an hour, and starts gorgeously with Fjord Mustang, an infectiously danceable track that offers a trippy beat, an earthy bass line and an unforgettable melody. The following Melankonic has become something like a hit already, continuing this slightly dark dance pop sound with well thought out melody lines. The middle of the EP is filled with the epic The Dawn Cavalry and the more laid back Postspritzer with its chill atmosphere, a perfect track to come back down to earth. After four such perfect examples of modern electro pop music, the final three tracks can’t really reach to that same high level, as they lack the catchiness of the preceding pieces.

If Artaban continue to deliver such exceptional work as on the first half of their mini-CD, they may very well have quite a career ahead of them. With a busy live schedule that makes it hard to miss them, they work hard to get their music to the masses. I remain with eight points for this already very promising debut that is especially exceptional in the beginning. The esthetical and ascetical digipak underline the overall good impression.

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