Ashes You Leave - Fire

8 songs
42:54 minutes
***** ***


Ashes You Leave are a Croatian gothic metal band working with clear melodic female vocals and rough male grunts. If you compare their fourth CD Fire to the ones released before, the major difference is that there are more female than male vocals, maybe because she has a clearly better voice than he has. On their previous CD, I somehow had the impression that Ashes You Leave got tired. But they bring with Fire a fresher wind into their style. Even if the opener is still sounding like older songs (beauty and the beast vocals), most other songs contain more violins and often operatic vocals. The music is full of romantic elements and morbid or dark romanticism. The voice is sounding totally sexy when singer Marina is whispering. She shows her talent as a gothic singer. On Fire, she underlines that more melodic poppy lines aren't a big challenge for her, either. Hurt is an atmospheric song and is another proof for Ashes You Leave's gain of diversification. Although the production could be better, I'm glad that Ashes You Leave have improved compared to their quite weak predecessor.

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