ASHKA - Ritual

Ashka - Ritual

8 songs
25:51 minutes
***** ***


Ashka is a striking trio from the French capital Paris. Focal point is female vocalist Syhem with her tattoos and pink hair. In 2007 the band released the EP The Romance Has An End, followed a year later by the EP Breathe which was received favourably by their local underground scene. Now they are back with Ritual which is too long for an EP but too short for a longplayer.

It is impossible to pinpoint the band into any specific genre. Ashka claim to play a combination of heavy metal, death metal, grunge, gothic and nu metal. On the opener Nameless, it is clear from the start that this is not your typical rock music. Especially the interaction between male growls and female vocals have a certain punk affinity. Yet also from a musical perspective the band likes to play with contrasts. The songs are brimming with breaks, and quite often an extremely brutal thrash attack is followed by a quiet part, as if that were the most normal thing on earth. The ideas are amazing, but at times one gets the impression as if the songs follow more or less the same recipe. It would help to add a more varied approach to songwriting in the future.

This isn’t meant as a strong point of criticism, as Ashka are definitely more creative than most other extreme minded bands. Maybe the band is conscious of their limitations, as so far they have never released a record which is more than half an hour long.

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