ASHURA - Legacy Of Hatred

Ashura - Legacy Of Hatred

14 songs
59:02 minutes
***** ****


Ashura are another of the new rising bands proving that you can finally take the French metal scene seriously. Their debut At The Dawn Of Your Deterioration was a mixture of death metal and grindcore which mostly received positive reviews. I’m not familiar with their first CD, but the new Legacy Of Hatred seems to go more or less into the same direction, on an astonishingly high musical level.

According to the information sheet, the five-piece from Amiens has become darker, more aggressive and more extreme. I worried that a one hour running time would risk the band running out of ideas, but Ashura succeed flawlessly.

After an intense instrumental intro, My Cold Fury is a monster of organised chaos with lots of breaks and solos that underline that Ashura definitely isn’t another standard extreme metal band. Their other material also surprises again and again with rich instrumentation and an extraordinarily transparent production which allows you to discern every little detail. The vocals are varying from Cannibal Corpse like grunts to Sepultura like shouts, with even some clean Linkin Park like nu metal vocals showing up from time to time. Even if the majority of the songs focus strongly on speed and brutality, there’s always some breathing space in form of a short instrumental (Funeral Of The Desert) or an acoustic track with female guest vocals (The Dark Choice). My personal highlight is the thrasher Black Blood which sounds like Nuclear Assault jamming with Meshuggah.

Ashura have created a timeless metal album aimed at fans of many different genres like death metal, thrash metal, grindcore and even hardcore. The songwriting is extremely complex, the instrumentation is performed with virtuosity (listen to the guitars on Matricide or the bass on Rhammadhantys). All things considered, Legacy Of Hatred left a lasting impression.

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