AS I LAY DYING - Frail Words Collapse

As I Lay Dying - Frail Words Collapse

12 songs
39:47 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Back in the 90s, the combination of hardcore and metal was some unlistenable jump-jump crap called crossover, so I guess we all have to thank the new millennium which redefined this genre in a much more mature way. Many hardcore bands lately sound so violent that they may be mistaken for death metal bands. Darkest Hour may be the most popular example, but even locally this phenomenon becomes more and more apparent.

As I Lay Dying are more or less doing the same. Poetic and emotional lyrics instead of monsters and mayhem show that they are not your generic death metal band, I even think that they have a Christian background, although neither the band nor the label put any emphasis on that. At times AILD delve into the more tricky grounds of math core bands like Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge, but they use these complicated parts only to put some breaks into their normally more straightforward hardcore metal.

This juggling of influences makes the band interesting for fans of many styles. Behind Me Lies Another Soldier is a rather mellow tracks, for a band like AILD, but many other songs like Collision of Elegy are perfect for followers of the modern Swedish death metal movement. Frail Words Collapse doesn't redefine any genre, this has been done already before, but it is a well done example of how dynamic modern metal music can sound. 8 points.

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