A SOUND OF THUNDER - Out Of The Darkness

A Sound Of Thunder - Out Of The Darkness

8 songs
61:37 minutes
***** ***


A Sound Of Thunder is not only a short story by Ray Bradbury, but also a rather young quartet from Washington DC that’s been around since 2009 and just now has released its second longplayer. The band plays quite traditional heavy metal that way it was popular about thirty years ago. This isn’t meant as a criticism though, because the musicians do their thing with a lot of authenticity and conviction.

The band’s main attraction is without a doubt vocalist Nina Osegueda. The South American singer is not only looking incredibly hot, but also has a powerful voice that reminds of German metal Valkyries like Doro Pesch (Warlock) and Jutta Weinhold (Zed Yago). This by itself would not be enough to recommend Out Of The Darkness. The three male musicians also do a great job and allow comparisons to classic metal bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Dio. The songs are generally quite long; three tracks even make it over eight minutes. This is due to the fact that A Sound Of Thunder put a lot of emphasis on tempo changes that give their material the necessary sense of dynamics. Thus the band is not only switching skilfully between fast and mid-tempo parts, but also surprises with progressive ideas on the opener The Day I Die and some amazing hymn elements on Flight Until The End. I also quite like the somewhat down-tuned guitar during the quieter moments. Some tracks are very melodic and even catchy, which shows that the band has a very broad repertoire. Maybe sometimes even a little too broad, as the abstruse This Too Shall Pass has too much kitsch and would have been more apt for a band like Nightwish.

This is the only flaw on this splendid album that otherwise never fails to please. Even the rather long length doesn’t allow for any weaker moments. A Sound Of Thunder understand how nostalgic heavy metal has to sound, and should therefore have no problems reaching their target audience.

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