ASSASSIN - Breaking The Silence

Assassin - Breaking The Silence

10 songs
43:12 minutes
***** ***
Steamhammer / SPV


German cult thrash metal band Assassin released in the late Eighties the two spectacular records The Upcoming Terror (1986) and Interstellar Experience (1988) before going on a prolonged hiatus interrupted in 2005 with the hardly noticed comeback album The Club. The band was not discouraged by the devastating reviews and tries another time now with Breaking The Silence. This may not be the most original title for an album, considering that Heathen had the same one already in the past, but it couldn’t be more fitting.

Those familiar with the band’s classic albums will instantly recognise the familiar structures. Assassin play quite simple thrash metal in a typical Teutonic way that never fails to sound charming. The musicians act most of the time at maximum speed and string together a huge amount of guitar solos so that you feel reminded of genre bands like Slayer, Kreator and Sodom. The double bass drum is also constantly in action in order to produce a marvellously fat sound that will warm the hearts of every thrash veteran. I especially like Raise In The Dark where the band’s hectic acting draws parallels to Holy Terror. No Fear is the only time the band is taking things slower, which can’t do any harm in the midst of all this wildness. Assassin are an uncomplicated band who don’t think long before playing straight ahead in a most authentic way. And just like in the good old days, the last track on the album shows the band from their more humorous side: I Like Cola is pleasantly chaotic and could be deemed a tribute to crossover pioneers S.O.D.

It felt really good to hear a new sign of life from Assassin. The band doesn’t offer anything new, which is certainly what their fans have expected from them. Breaking The Silence is the ideal soundtrack for a metal old folks home, and we can only hope that they won’t wait as long as this time to come up with a new album.

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