Atomic Bitchwax - The Local Fuzz

1 songs
42:17 minutes
***** ***
Tee Pee


American band The Atomic Bitchwax has been practising their brand of stoner rock since 1992, but unlike Kyuss, Monster Magnet, QOTSA…, they never enjoyed that same kind of success. Their first four albums were sequentially titled 1 to 4, but the fifth one breaks that habit with its title The Local Fuzz. This is also the first time that the band from New Jersey is working without vocals. They have always been a three-piece. The only remaining founding member Chris Kosnik this time only plays the bass guitar and is otherwise silent at the microphone.

The Atomic Bitchwax have always been known for their rather long songs that sometimes went for eight minutes, but this time they are taking things to the extreme. The Local Fuzz is actually a single track running for forty-two minutes. I didn’t have overly high hopes as I was afraid that the band would lose itself within overlong improvisations, but my worries were fortunately unfounded. The Local Fuzz does sound like a jam session, but is actually so full of energy and exciting twists and turns that you can listen to it from beginning to end without any signs of boredom. There is definitely classic stoner rock at play, but the blues guitar also has its share of moments. Guitar fans will like the past that remind of Joe Satriani, and the stoner faction will enjoy the bubbling sounds that give the album a psychedelic touch.

It’s futile to dissect every single detail of this monster track. If you like timeless rock music, you can grab The Local Fuzz without hesitation and listen to it again and again. The music is never too straining and might be the ideal soundtrack for your everyday chores.

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