ATREYU - A Death-Grip On Yesterday

Atreyu - A Death-Grip On Yesterday

9 songs
32:49 minutes
***** **


Atreyu were there right from the beginning, with their debut album Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses (2002) initiating the metalcore genre which a few years later would turn into a real hysteria. Their follow-up The Curse two years later not only saw them refining their style, but also made them commercially much more successful, that up to this day they must have sold more than 600.000 copies of their two first albums alone in the United States.

Again two years later they are back with album number three, A Death-Grip On Yesterday, and again they turn into a more commercial direction. Maybe they want to stand out from the main part of more extreme metalcore bands, or there was label pressure so that this time they would get a platinum or at least a golden CD.

A Death-Grip On Yesterday was written in only two months, and while the songs are not that bad, you get the impression that they could have done much better, quality and quantity alike, if they had taken more time. It's always said that the third album is the most important in a band's career, and I really feel disappointed with this short album that mostly repeats what Atreyu did on their earlier albums (melodic guitars over an emo-metalcore background, with typical dual vocals), and hints with the sugary The Theft that they really want to get some Top 40 airplay this time. Adding the fact that they contributed an exclusive song to the new Underworld movie soundtrack but didn't find the resources to put at least forty minutes of music on their new CD, it all sounds like wanting to force their fans to buy the two albums...

I still give seven points because Atreyu were one of the defining genre bands, and they still have songwriting advances over most likewise bands, but considering how great an album The Curse was, we have to hope that Atreyu will find back to form, because if they continue like this, their next album threatens to become a major catastrophe.

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