ATREYU - The Curse

Atreyu - The Curse

13 songs
43:27 minutes
***** *****


Atreyu's debut Suicide Notes & Butterfly Kisses (2002) fascinated me very much and I wasn't alone with this opinion, because their album sold 120.000 copies worldwide. On their second CD The Curse, they even top the efforts from their debut. Again they manage to combine hardcore, emo and metal in such an authentic way that the songs don't seem too constructed. Listening to the whole album is an experience full of variations as Atreyu are not a band that is repeating itself too often. While Bleeding Mascara surprises with a black metal start and shrieking vocals, the video edit Right Side Of The Bed is less extreme, even really catchy. As many other emo bands, Atreyu have two singers. While the first one is roaring and growling, the other one who also plays the drums is responsible for the more melodic parts. This is of course not a new idea, but it is used in the right way and so doesn' t disturb. Atreyu present very angry songs like You Eclipsed By Me or Corseting, but there are also mid-tempo songs (My Sanity On The Funeral Pyre, The Remembrance Ballad). Sometimes Atreyu dare to approach more epic metal material, reminding me during those moments of German power metal heroes Rage (Demonology And Heartache, Nevada's Grace). Without sounding commercial, Atreyu have found a musical path that seems too become very popular. The Curse has quickly reached the top 40 of the US Billboard charts and they deserve it.

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