Atrocity ft. Yasmin - After The Storm

11 songs
42:29 minutes
***** **


CDs from Atrocity are always a little like a surprise bag, as you never know what to expect. More than two decades ago, they started as an extreme metal band, some time later they showed their interest in the industrial and gothic genres, and especially their two Werk 80 albums were groundbreaking examples of harder interpretations of Eighties pop classics. On their latest effort After The Storm, they are supported by band leader Alex Krull’s sister Yasmin. This is already their second collaboration after Calling The Rain from 1995.

The album starts esoterically with A New Arrival, a quiet piece with vocals not unlike Enya’s. Astonishingly Atrocity decided to add folk elements. Far from being Viking metal, there are nonetheless quite a lot of Nordic and Celtic influences present. Some tracks like Call Of Yesteryear and The Otherworld have a brisk pace that helps to envision visions of olden times. Such strong tracks are the exception though, as After The Storm aims rather at friends of more moderate sounds than at me who can’t fully enjoy these too mellow songs. Especially As The Sun Kissed The Sky, consisting only of drums and vocals, was too much for me to take in. I prefer much more Black Mountain, a truly hard piece full of growls, siren vocals and tribal beats.

Maybe one should consider After The Storm an experiment, as I can’t imagine the band to continue in this vein as their fans are used to more substantial music. This doesn’t mean that it’s been badly made for this kind of music.

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