AT VANCE - Ride The Sky

At Vance - Ride The Sky

11 songs
48:51 minutes
***** **


At Vance are without a doubt one of Germany’s busiest bands. Founded in 1998, Ride The Sky is already the eighth album by this power metal band. As on their previous efforts, they stay true to their ideals and offer exactly what makes the power metal heart beat faster.

For my own taste, the album has turned out a little too tame, and I have to admit that I am not really into their kind of music. But in all fairness, I have to concede that the band does its thing consequently and works hard not to have everything sound the same according to standard patterns. There are a lot of pace changes and the guitars play a dominant role which gives the music much needed drive. Whenever the band lets things go slower, the material suffers from a lack of punch, as on Torn – Burning Like Fire. That they can do much better is shown on Power which does justice to its name and on the fast and playful End Of Days. Things get even crazier on Vivaldi – Summer 2nd Set where classic and metal clash in a very virtuoso way. The slightly bluesy Salvation Day with Deep Purple like organs is another strong moment on the album. The only total fallout is the ballad You And I which didn’t leave me any choice but the skip button.

It seems as if Ride The Sky has turned out harder and more sensible than the predecessor VII. If At Vance pursue this development, their next album might get an even higher rating, because who dares, wins!

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