At Vance - VII

10 songs
45:11 minutes


My first reaction after listening to the new and seventh album by German heavy meal band At Vance was that I am glad to have missed their first six CDs. VII offers traditional heavy metal with strong nods to Whitesnake and far too many ballads for a work which is only three quarters of an hour long.

Guitarist Olaf Lenk, who used to play with the far better Zed Yago in the past, is a skilled guitarist. His rhythm work is powerful, and his solos are sometimes very inspired. But you have to look really hard for highlights, like Victory and Shine. It’s at the rare times where At Vance cling to a more aggressive power metal style that they are most convincing. But next to these winners, there’s too many soft stuff and even worse, the hymnal pieces, where especially Cold As Ice provoked hilarity effects with its too obvious rhyming verses.

Let’s hope that on VIII, At Vance will throw overboard all the cheesy and soft-heart moments on concentrate at what they are really good at: power metal.

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