THE AUDIENCE - Celluloid

The Audience - Celluloid

11 songs
38:58 minutes
***** ***


The Audience are a German newcomer rock band from the tiny town Hersbruck close to Nurnberg. Yet some people say that it may become Germany’s next rock capital as bands like The Robocop Kraus, The Plane Is On Fire, Yucca, Hidalgo and The Audience call it their hometown.

The opener Glitter gives the impression that you’re listening to a Robocop Kraus tribute band as the vocals in both bands have some parallels A nice example of modern indie rock. The same may be applied to the following JFK, a rhythmic and catchy rock smasher. On Sally Joy, an organ matches well with the rock music, giving it a retro touch.

The Audience are often changing the pace. There are slower tracks like the slightly hypnotic High Fidelity, but also faster ones like the cool and dynamic Dressed Up (my favourite song on the album) and the really weird Moontrap. Another highlight is Bond, a well accomplished hymn about the world’s most famous secret agent. The album ends with the slower and more melancholic Prototype that shows some similarities to The Cure. The album isn’t too long, but as it has neither annoying nor average material, this should not be considered a flaw.

The Audience haven’t probably made the most innovative rock album, but Celluloid is one of the fattest I’ve been listening to in a long time. Live they are even more fierce and wild.

The CD version of Celluloid is released by Hazelwood Records, but Rewika Records will be responsible for the vinyl version of this great piece of rock.

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