AUDIOTRANSPARENT - Audiotransparent

Audiotransparent - Audiotransparent

10 songs
44:44 minutes
***** *****
Living Room


Although the album has been released in 2003, and has been lying around in my office for about six months, I only came around to listening to Audiotransparent this week. The cover artwork is very subdued, and so is the music, making it not very easy to find access. So let's start with a very short biography: Audiotransparent are six guys from Groningen, Holland, and what we are having here is their amazing debut album, issued on the rather small independent label Living Room Records.

Influenced among others by Low, Tindersticks and Sigur Ros, Audiotransparent never actually sound like a well meant clone, they rather adhere to the philosophy of orchestrated lo-fi indie rock, by composing really quiet songs that always contain more than you would expect at first. Two guitar players may seem like overkill if you don't play in a rock'n'roll band, but Audiotransparent use them to build up wonderful harmonies, beautifully emphasised by violin, snyths and other not so typically rock instruments.

It's hard to point out a single song, because the album flows for the entire running time of 45 minutes, starting with the long Turn Over and finally ending with the smartly titled Fin, possibly one of the best instrumental songs I have ever heard, doing in five minutes for which GYBE! need at least twenty. But don't be afraid, Audiotransparent are not really a post rock band, they aren't an instrumental band either, with Wouter Touw's subdued vocals working like another instrument, reminding me of the mellower Motorpsycho, although Audiotransparent sound less lush and more melancholic.

This self-titled debut album is a miracle, and considering that it's been released on a label that started as a hometaping release company, akin to the origins of the great Daniel Johnston, it's impossible to believe that this album has been recorded under low budget terms. It's sounding perfect: warm, mellow, melancholic, beautiful, sad, emotional. It's one of the few albums lately that made me set my CD player on repeat, to lie down on the sofa and deciding not to get up for the rest of the afternoon. Let's hope that Audiotransparent will get the attention that they deserve. This amazing debut is so incredible that it's by miles more vital and interesting than their influences. A must-buy for every friend of sad indie music.

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