AURORA BOREALIS - Time, Unveiled

Aurora Borealis - Time, Unveiled

9 songs
45:24 minutes
***** **


Aurora Borealis is one of the strangest American black / death metal band I've heard so far. First of all, the band consists just of two musicians: Ron Vento (v, g, b) and Tim Yeung (d). In 2001, they released their debut Northern Lights, a tribute to the North Europeans Viking sagas. The second album is called Time, Unveiled and the cover showing a Viking boat already suggests that the concept goes more or less into the same direction. Aurora Borealis underline that they like this kind of history, but they don't feel like Vikings as they are Americans. There are however musical changes; although it was difficult to believe, Aurora Borealis (by the way the Latin words for Northern Light) have become faster. The first two songs Triumph Again and Sky Burial even pass the speed of a highly professional hair dryer. But Aurora Borealis don't seem to become tired and nearly the entire album is played at maximum speed. The CD contains 7 new songs and 2 from their 1996 demo which aren't worse than the new ones. Although Aurora Borealis definitely know what they are playing, you are glad that the berserkers stop after three quarters of an hour. The CD is quite OK, but the songs are a bit monotonous and suffer from an average production. Aurora Borealis should consider these two points for the forthcoming CD because I think that it is still possible for them to make some progress.

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