AUSPEX - Resolutio

Auspex - Resolutio

9 songs
54:47 minutes
***** ***


After their three-track demo Mysteries Of The Stars, Resolutio is the first official album by Auspex, a French high speed symphonic metal band with female vocals. They don’t even try to avoid the usual clichés used of this genre: double bass drum attacks, staccato guitar riffs, keyboard solos, choirs, etc. Their music may not be very original, but the overall result isn’t disappointing either. The six musicians from Grenoble know how to create exciting music in this genre and are much more than just another Nightwish clone.

The album starts with a symphonic intro so heavy on pathos that it is nearly sounding Italian. The fast Time To Make A Stand surprises with many rhythm changes that should even make prog metal fans listen up. Elodie’s clear and well trained voice is drawing parallels to Edenbridge and Atargatis. The album’s masterpiece Theater Of Pain contains many different influences like fast dramatic moments, piano parts, oriental moaning and even techno beats. This track is of course more extraordinary, but the shorter A King’s Crown For A Wealthy Weak also features some more bizarre sounds. For the rest, you can expect beautifully arranged songs with angelic vocals, operatic excursions and enough breaks to make Resolutio an outstanding album in its genre. Even the eleven minute long Rise is a high-standard song that doesn’t contain any boring moments.

Auspex are another fine example that demonstrates that the French metal scene is constantly evolving. The band has the right approach to make Resolutio a vivid album that doesn’t need to hind behind their influences. Auspex are still quite young band, but I’m sure that more auspicious moments are bound to come in the future.

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