AUSSER ICH - Von vornherein schade

Außer Ich - Von vornherein schade

16 songs
38:27 minutes
***** ****


If I didn’t know any better, I would have sword that the young German trio Außer Ich were coming straight from Hamburg. Their brand of punk rock lies somewhere between the legendary …But Alive and the more abrasive Northern icons like Dackelblut and Oma Hans, but unlike these bands, Außer Ich are from the unlikely punk town Siegen which lies about 100 kilometres east of Cologne.

Außer Ich seemingly pride themselves in their heavy usage of strong clichés, but their strange lyrics contain enough weirdness to easily forgive them this mischievous behaviour. From a musical point of view, the three-piece combines Hamburg styled punk rock with a healthy dose of noisy rock ingredients, and refines it all with their impeccable songwriting. It is here where the guys really win me over. The songs may have simple structures, but the melodies are thought through quite thoroughly. The hoarse and not exactly melodic vocals fit just perfectly with the raw sound, and the idea to have two backing vocals during the choruses helps emphasise the poignancy of their craftsmanship.

Song titles like Kot im Eisfeld, Blaue Augen, blaue Flecken and Deutschland Kuss Scherben are furthermore proof of the band’s wicked sense of humour, although don’t get me wrong: this never bows down to the lowly level of fun punk, but always keeps a sense of urgency that makes the music sound more mature than it has any right to. I can very well imagine that it is easy to dismiss Außer Ich as a lazy clone, but their incredible songwriting talent makes them sound easily as interesting as the bands they must have been inspired by. Fans of intelligent, witty German punk rock absolutely have to check out Von vornherein schade!

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