AUTUMN - Altitude

Autumn - Altitude

11 songs
50:30 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Gothic bands with female singers can be found in abundance, but sometimes you get hooked on the exception that is able to set itself apart from the masses. Autumn from the Netherlands are among that rare species that left already a good impression with its last album My New Time two years ago.

The record label stayed the same, but replaced Nienke de Jong with the new vocalist Marjan Welman who does just as good a job on the microphone as her predecessor. The music has become a little more subdued and offers an excellent mix of quiet and poppy moments.

Autumn use the same standard ingredients as other gothic bands, but the final result is still quite worthwhile. On the one hand, there are the straighter songs that aim for catchiness and display hit potential. Liquid Under Film Noir and The Heart Demands are two such examples where Autumn remind of The Gathering and current Nightwish. Yet most tracks are more subdued and dreamy. Despite many melancholic moments, Autumn never sound cheesy and keep their credibility. Answers Never Questioned has turned to be a little too mellow for my taste, but the remaining pieces remain, despite their calm atmosphere, powerful and earthy enough to please. The title track, as their most dramatic moment, has become another highlight.

Fans of quieter gothic music won’t find a way past the new Autumn album. Altitude is the ideal soundtrack for intimate moments that deserve to be enjoyed to the fullest.

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