AUTUMN - My New Time

Autumn - My New Time

11 songs
39:05 minutes
***** **
Metal Blade


It’s not happening often that Metal Blade Records are releasing a gothic metal band, but they haven’t done too bad a choice with Autumn from the Netherlands. The band can’t avoid every cliché known in the gothic metal book, but they are nevertheless doing a job worth to be taken seriously. Their music doesn’t contain many dark passages, but puts emphasis on melancholic songwriting with a decent pop appeal.

The album starts with Satellites, one of the band’s faster tracks reminding me of Evanescence. Closest Friends Conspire starts with a Deep Purple like organ intro, and the song itself is suitable for hard rock and metal fans as well. Blue Wine heads into a completely different direction and is so far the poppiest track. Angel Of Desire is a much more melodic tune and the title track is another uptempo track with dominant keyboard parts. Communication On Opium is – as the title hints – a rather soft affair and not as exciting as what we’ve heard before. Twisted And Turned and State Of Mind are two atmospheric songs close to early The Gathering with Anneke Van Giersbergen. There are two groovier uptempo tracks before the album comes to an end with the mellow ballad Epilogue.

There’s nothing on this record you haven’t heard before. But Autumn have a fantastic singer using her voice in many different ways. Even if her calmer moments remind me of The Gathering, the heavier ones can be located somehow between Evanescence and Die Happy. Furthermore, the songwriting is on a first class level so that fans of more pop and gothic inclined metal shouldn’t make a turn around this promising band.

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