AUTUMNBLAZE - Mute Boy Sad Girl

Autumnblaze - Mute Boy Sad Girl

9 songs
42:21 minutes
***** ****
Prophecy Productions


Mute Boy Sad Girl is Autumnblaze's third album to date. The origins of this German two-piece lie apparently in dark and black metal, so anybody familiar with their previous releases (unlike me) will be surprised, to say the least, that this is anything but a metal album.

In fact the opening song which is also the title track reminds a lot of latter day Radiohead or even Sigur Ros, so people who welcomed the apparition of CDs like Kid A, Amnesiac and Ágætis Byrjun (like me, this time) will surely be hooked from the first chords on. As a matter of fact, distorted guitars are rather rare on this album, and Markus' androgynous vocals, the 70ies mellotrons and the diametrically opposed electro drums will also chase away intolerant metalheads. But then, Autumnblaze are not the first band to grow out of their metal boots, and therefore you can notice a similar development to Kalamazoo rockers Thought Industry who also got less and less metal with every passing year.

This all said, Mute Boy Sad Girl is a very good album, with some perfect songs like the opener, It Never Felt Like This Before and also the more epic Kiss My Fear Away. There's even a cover version of the Cure song Cold for all those that grew up with 80ies dark pop. The rest of the songs is good too, but doesn't reach the quality of the aforementioned pieces. I hand out 9 points this time... 10 points for the next album if they dare to take another step further away from their metal roots.

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