AUTUMN OFFERING - Embrace The Gutter

Autumn Offering - Embrace The Gutter

11 songs
35:13 minutes
***** ***


When Victory Records release an album, it's either emo punk, old school hardcore or metal core. It would have been easy to dismiss Autumn Offering as just another band of the latter named genre, especially since they have been discovered by the Hatebreed vocalist, but already the first song Decay shows that despite their trendy haircuts and clothes, Autumn Offering are a pure thrash metal band, with a rhythm section clearly inspired by late-Eighties / early-Nineties old school thrash and dual guitar leads that hint at a strong infatuation with the NWOBHM movement.

Crisp production and excellent mastering at Morrisound Studios (why not, if you are from Florida anyway?) enhance Autumn Offering's stylistic perfection, and even if not every song is a smasher like the title track (with a Metallica sounding chorus) or One Last Thrill (starting like a Slayer song before segueing into a short wild solo), Embrace The Gutter is an astonishing album that never tries to be heavy for heaviness's sake, but instead combines different elements from Nineties thrash to Eighties heavy metal, adding contemporary metalcore and Scandinavian death elements, merging it all into a maybe not too original, but very accessible and rather pleasing album that convinces even someone like me who has grown tired of the recent heavier-than-thou movement. Fans of well done heavy music need to check this one absolutely out.

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