AWAKENING - Razor Burn

Awakening - Razor Burn

12 songs
49:05 minutes
***** ***


Bands from South Africa rarely make it to Europe, and when I read that The Awakening are a gothic metal band from exactly that region, I can't say that I was too eager. The first time I listened to the album, I thought this sounds just like any other genre band. Then I decided to give them more tries, mostly because this is already their eighth album, and such consistency and stamina needs to show off results. And I wasn't wrong. Unlike many gothic bands that come for instance from Germany, you will look in vain for romantic clichés. The Awakening, the band of Ashton Nyte, probably already a superstar in South Africa, is firmly rooted in the Eighties, and sounds like rocking Sisters Of Mercy with less keyboards and more guitars. I also thought to hear some Marilyn Manson influences, but then decided that it was much closer to goth prog metal band Saviour Machine, and to my surprise I eventually discovered that both bands share a Christian background.

Ashton Nyte is a very charismatic singer, and he also knows how to write memorable songs miles away from the common gothic stereotype. Sure enough, this is dark tinged music, but there is always an underlying beauty that makes listening to Razor Burn a pleasure, even though an acquired one. My initial rating was three points, so much did I hate the album, but the more I listened to it, the more it climbed in my esteem. And that's something from someone who mostly dislikes gothic rock and doesn't even believe in God. I only wonder if you have to believe in God if you want to play great goth music. It unfortunately seems so these days.

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