AWFUL NOISE - Reincarnation

Awful Noise - Reincarnation

5 songs
20:59 minutes
***** **


Awful Noise see themselves as a metal band somewhere between Soulfly and Smashing Pumpkins. Listening to the opener Serbskatolska (Moral Suicide), you'll hear that Awful Noise are open to modern metal elements. That song reminds me a lot of Tool, although it's played slightly harder. Plateau is by far the most extreme song on the CD and especially drums and vocals draw strong parallels to Slipknot. The third song is called Sweet and is the most disappointing track of the EP. Somehow the song writing seems not to be finished yet. Undo The Undo is the most pop sounding song on the CD, and it is very close to the music played by Pyogenesis. Although Awful Noise are very fond of metal music, most songs also have some folk touches. Zrudna Kermusa contains violins and cellos and is the only track which is more folk than metal. Having a look at the song titles, you'll notice that Awful Noise are singing in English and in their native language Sorbian. Sorbs are a Slavic minority living in Germany (Saxony and Brandenburg). Personally I prefer the folk side to the metal side of Awful Noise. If they play more folk (which means less metal) and put still some more variation into the vocals, they will be on the right way.

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