BAABA KULKA - Baaba Kulka

Baaba Kulka - Baaba Kulka

10 songs
43:37 minutes
***** ***


Baaba Kulka is a project centred around songwriter Gaba Kulka, known for her virtuoso skills on the piano and violin. She has been nominated back home already for several Fryderyks, the Polish analogue of the American Grammy Awards. Her third album was even released by a major label and honoured with a gold record. One might wonder what she is doing now of Mystic Productions, a label mainly specialised in all kinds of metal music. As a matter of fact Gaba Kulka and her comrades in arms have concocted a very special tribute to Iron Maiden.

Originally these tracks were meant to be covered during a single live show, but the success was so immense that it was decided to record this self-titled album which begins with the NWOBHM legend’s biggest classic The Number Of The Beast. The song is performed with an incredibly sterile and cold atmosphere that will give goose bumps even to genuine metal fans. The Eastern European flair gives the band a very special flair. Wrathchild sounds more carefree and reminds a little of the Cardigans, although the Hammond organ also allows parallels to Deep Purple. Aces High has undergone quite an avant-garde treatment full of electronic gadgetry. To Tame A Land is a lesser known track but also pleases with its oriental pop beginning, before turning in to more chaotic free jazz kind of music. The Ides Of March is a one minute short instrumental followed by Prodigal Son. This piece mixes soul with psychedelia and highlights the vocalist’s exceptional voice. Children Of The Damned is more chill and loungy but maybe overstays its welcome somewhat. Flight Of The Damned is a great swinging experience, followed by The Clairvoyant with its Motown atmosphere, even though later on it approached the Iron Maiden sound. The album ends with Still Life which starts out quietly but ends on an orchestral note.

Tribute albums are not for everyone. Some truly adore them while others dismiss them as fillers for bands that have not yet come up with new original material. Baaba Kulka can claim to have created an absolutely fun tribute album that should find enough followers among metal fans with a sense of humour.

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