BAD LIQUOR POND - Radiant Transmission

Bad Liquor Pond - Radiant Transmission

13 songs
53:51 minutes
***** **


Signed by a label that is best known for its sometimes eccentric artists, Maryland rockers Bad Liquor Pond sound at first quite civilised. Founded in 2004, the four-piece aims for a mushroomy sound that blends psychedelic, shoegazer and indie pop. While their influences Spacemen 3 and The Brian Jonestown Massacre are casting wide shadows on them, BLP play their thirteen tracks with a nonchalance that betray their still rather short history.

Dreamy vocals, acoustic guitars and hazy vibes provide a shroomy atmosphere that embrace you with a comfortable warmth that makes the time fly by. The band deserves respect for keeping the level constantly high, and by adding non-genre instruments like banjo, harmonica, jaw harp and organs, they guarantee to keep their sound fresh throughout. If they had played this kind of music twenty years earlier when the genre was still new, they might very well have been spearheading the movement. As it is today, they sound nevertheless too close to the pioneers. This doesn’t harm the overall quality, but it strips the album of originality. I don’t think that this matters to them, because it becomes clear early on that they are songwriters first, and not innovators.

Radiant Transmission is an entertaining album for moody evenings that fans of the aforementioned bands should give a try. You can even download entire live shows for free on That should help you decide if Bad Liquor Pond are for you.

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