Bakers Dozen - Sent Down

13 songs
43:07 minutes
***** **


Bakers Dozen are a classic oi band from Scotland. They call 4 Skins and Condemned 84 their influences and are playing traditional and raw oi without too much melody, just as their idols did.

As the band name suggest, the album contains 13 tracks, but there are only 10 regular and new tracks. Seven tracks are fast and tight and about typical working class themes like political oppression, social injustice and drinking in bars. The Unstoppable Force is a Condemned 84 cover version, but it's sounding more or less the same like their own material. The album suffers a bit from a lack of variation, but Non Priority and Hidden Agenda are more melodic street punk songs. The production is great and a bizarre fact is that there no are pauses between the different songs.

The last three tracks have been taken from the Ripe For Violence EP Bakers Dozen released some time ago. You immediately notice that the production is thinner compared to the new tracks. It's a shame that they didn't take the time to re-record or re-master these songs as they are no worse than their current material.

Sent Down isn't too innovative, but it's sounding fresh and authentic and what's most important, it's entertaining and the right soundtrack for every drinking party.

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