BALBOA - Scale In Feet

Balboa - Scale In Feet

8 songs
41:20 minutes
***** ***


Post rock may be the new big thing in Luxembourg. Since the appearance of bands like Tiger Fernandez and Lécitone, there has been a true flood for this genre. And as every genre needs its subgenres, there even is a trickle of instrumental post rock bands like tVESLA, Actarus and, of course, Balboa.

The first thing really remarkable about this album, before even having listened to it, is the fact that it was releases on a German label. Quite an accomplishment, considering how hard it is for local bands to get their feet down in the big wild world out there.

But then, Balboa are showing with their debut Scale In Feet that they have really professional ambitions. Especially the first half of the album is showcasing beautiful melodies that want to be remembered for a long time afterwards. The counterplay of mellow guitars and erupting noise attacks is more than reminding of Mogwai. Which means that a price for originality is out of the questions for Balboa, but you can pick any of the four first pieces and hear post rock in a quality that doesn't need to hide behind the big names out there. I was astonished by the fact that the songs seldom are longer than 4 minutes, but then Balboa are a band concentrating more on the song than on mile-long instrumental passages.

If they could have kept the level until the end of the album, I would have given 9 points, but 8 big points are not bad. In my opinion, Balboa are maybe the best alternative band in Luxembourg at the moment, so be sure to check out their homepage, their CD and to visit them at one of their concerts.

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