BALTIMOORE - Ultimate Tribute

Baltimoore - Ultimate Tribute

12 songs
55:27 minutes


There are two different types of tribute albums: either many bands assemble to pay tribute to one single artists, which is something that normally works out rather well, or you get one band paying tribute to all their major influences, which can be really cool as in the case of the obscure Bleed For The Gods by German power metal band Powergod, but can also become a very boring experience.

Ultimate Tribute (what a pretentious title!), the new album by Swedish hardrock geriontocrats Baltimoore is neither brilliant nor devastatingly bad. I don't like this album at all, but that's because I have burned my bridges with Seventies rock already some time ago.

But let's start with a list of the featured cover versions: Kill The King (Rainbow), Rock Candy (Montrose), Beggar's Day (Crazy Horse), Never Say Die (Black Sabbath), Samurai (Michael Schenker Group), Freedom (Jimi Hendrix), She (Kiss), Love Child (Deep Purple), Mississippi Queen (Mountain), Solid Gold Brass (Sweet), Riff Raff (AC/DC), The Rocker (Thin Lizzy).

This selection shows a triangle of hardrock, bluesrock and boogierock, and if you feel at ease within those styles, then you might like this album. Baltimoore are not one of those new modern melodic metal bands. Vocalist Björn Lodin has a grating whiskey-drenched voice reminding of Graham Bonnet and Dan McCafferty, and many of the chosen songs work well for him.

I don't know how necessary this album is, and I would have given it subjectively at the very most two out of ten points, but the way it is, I guess it's ok done for those of you who live in the past, and you might maybe want to check it out anyway.

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