BAPHOMET’S BLOOD - Metal Damnation

Baphomet’s Blood - Metal Damnation

8 songs
38:41 minutes
High Roller


Baphomet’s Blood are an Italian speed metal band that saw the light of day in 2003. Since then they have released two EPs and three CDs.

Their current album Metal Damnation offers more or less what you would expect from the cover artwork and the band name. Baphomet’s Blood play classic, dirty speed metal that unfortunately doesn’t care much for originality. Their role model is Motörhead, whose sound is copied unto the tiniest detail. This is nothing new, but other bands pay their tribute more entertainingly. Even though there is not a single bad song on Metal Damnation, they all share the mistake of sounding quite alike. After three songs, you’ll lose patience because the band’s performance becomes too monotonous.

I grew bored with Baphomet’s Blood quite quickly. Those who have to collect everything sounding like Motörhead can still risk an ear before deciding on a purchase.

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