BARCODE - Hardcore

Barcode - Hardcore

16 songs
30:37 minutes
***** **
Hardboiled / Diehard

Barcode have now released their third CD and given it the simple title Hardcore. Anyway it's a very precise description of what they are playing. Whether Barcode are the best hardcore band on this planet is of course another question, but they definitely are none of the worst. In only 31 minutes, they are beating 16 short songs at extreme violence to their end. Old School New York hardcore gets mixed with metal riffs, a result which Barcode describe as Aarhus hardcore. To me they have done strong efforts compared to the 1999 album Beerserk, especially regarding songwriting and sound. Don't expect too much originality from Barcode, but it's nevertheless a short, but sweet and powerful hardcore CD. Barcode don't take themselves too seriously which you will notice when reading their lyrics. Beer, Rock'n'Roll and Porno seem to be the most important subjects in their lives. On Beerserk they were already singing about the porn legend Don Ron aka Ron Jeremy, this time they've written an ode to porno queen Jenna Jameson. If you like to have fun or to mosh, try half an hour of Barcode... and pay a visit to their homepage.

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