Bathtub Shitter - Early Yeah(s)

19 songs
33:17 minutes
***** ***


It means using a stereotype to declare that all Japanese are busy people, but when it comes to coprophile grind kings Bathtub Shitter, I get the impression that the cliché must be true at least for them. I have known this weird band for only two years, and this is already their fifth review on DisAgreement Online. After two full length albums and two EPs (I still warmly remember their fantastic Christmas 3"-CD), we finally get their very early recordings, all done between 1997 and 2000 (yes, all in the last millennium), just before they came with their first mini-album Wall Of World Is Words. The nineteen tracks have been culled from numerous split-7" releases, demo tapes and compilations, and considering that they all come from the band's very early days, it is not only surprising how good the overall recording quality is, but even the mastering took care to make the songs sound on the same level. Those who have been unfamiliar with Bathtub Shitter's 20th century recordings (that were probably rather hard to get anyway) could as well think to be in the presence of a new album here.

Of course the band doesn't sound as refined and humorous as on this year's Dancehall Grind album, but it is a welcome addition to any collection of high quality fun grind core music. The songs are mostly blastspeed with intermittent mosh parts. The vocals vary from aggressive growls to the typical BTS high pitch squeals. The first limited edition comes in a handnumbered 7" sleeve, and I am proud to say that mine is number 6 of 1000. Certainly not as groundbreaking as their newer stuff, but as a glimpse into their coprophile past, Early Yeah(s) should be considered to be on the buying list of every sick grind crust fan.

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