BATHTUB SHITTER - Lifetime Shitlist

Bathtub Shitter - Lifetime Shitlist

14 songs
37:50 minutes
***** ****
Shit Jam


Japanese culture has a distinctive affinity for fetish sexuality. A movie like "Ai No Corrida (Empire Of The Senses)" combining explicit sexuality with drama already back in the 70s, played already a vanguard role, album covers from art noise cultists Naked City conciliating BDSM and music, finally you get some of the tastiest fetish web sites from Japan.

After this erotic introduction, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Bathtub Shitter are a grind core band from Japan. My first impression was that I had to do with just another sick grind band, but their debut full length album Lifetime Shitlist is one of the better effort of the genre. Fair warning ahead: don't expect refined grind ā la Nasum or Regurgitate. You won't get razor sharp or tightly produced killer pieces, but what the Shitters don't have on production skills, will be refunded by their sheer joy of playing. After an admittedly boring introduction, the first real song Fuck Hip Raper already showcases the band's special charm. Their blastspeed grindcore is less related to metal than to punk, reminding me that very moment of the criminally underrated Bomb Disneyland (later Bomb Everything!). A couple of songs are below the one-minute limit, but most of the time you'll get regular song material, Fireworks even a five-minute epic piece, combining doomier parts with the band's special grind brand. No Stayer is a cover version of a more than 20 years old classic from Witchfinder General and proving that these guys' roots reach far back into the past. The title song is a short acoustic guitar instrumental, so positively out of place that it makes you wonder if you are still listening to the same album. Where most albums tend to become shallow on the last few tracks, Bathtub Shitter put two of their greatest hits on that unlikely spot: Escapism To Refresh (totally great melody, like Motörhead on grind) and Holy Song For You.

The lyrics are something totally else. Where many grind bands have kind of upset me with sexist or just plainly annoying lyrics, Bathtub Shitter seem to be coprophiliacs with a sense of humour, something very rare in this genre these days (can only think of Gorerotted now). Where you could expect sick content, you have sometimes rather humorous analogies (in totally weird proto-English) that relate shit to every possible aspect of daily life.

Lifetime Shitlist is certainly not to everyone's taste, but it's a very refreshing and entertaining grind album which is taking itself not too seriously. Every extreme music lover with a sense for the bizarre should check these guys out!

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