BATHTUB SHITTER - Shitter At Salzgitter

Bathtub Shitter - Shitter At Salzgitter

12 songs
30:55 minutes
***** **
Power It Up


When these busy Japanese grindsters are not releasing new albums, they are just as keen on doing re-releases or other assorted material. Shitter At Salzgitter, released late in 2006, is a live show from Bathtub Shitter, recorded in 2004 in the small and culturally rather unknown mid-German town Salzgitter. The album title is extraordinarily original, you must grant them that, yet apart from that, this all sounds like a best-of album, played live. Bathtub Shitter show that they are not only humorous, but also very talented musicians, and apart from the snare that sounds a bit too hollow, the recording quality isn't too bad either. You'd only wish the set weren't over already after a good half hour.

Shitter At Salzgitter is an ok introduction to these grind kings from the Far East, but you are served just as well or even better with their longer and more varied studio albums. Collectors will be proud to have another oddity standing in their collection, while the occasional fan might skip this release and wait for the next more essential one. With their releasing rhythm, you normally don't have to wait longer than half a year.

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