BATTLEROAR - To Death And Beyond…

Battleroar - To Death And Beyond…

9 songs
59:14 minutes
***** ****
Cruz Del Sur


Band name, album title and artwork say it all: these Greek metal heads are not into innovation, but stay true to mid-Eighties US power metal on their third album. They are not only inspired by bands like Cirith Ungol, Omen and Manilla Road, but have even collaborated with members of the latter two in the past.

Nostalgia can be quite tiring sometimes, but Battleroar have enough experience to know how to knit together an album which knows how to entertain from the first to the last minute. Four songs are long-tracks between eight and slightly over ten minutes, and it’s here where the band shows its most majestic face. They take time to construct their songs, starting with slow intro parts that gradually build up to devastating heavy metal infernos. The opener The Wrathforge, the epic Finis Mundi, Oceans Of Pain as the only track longer than ten minutes and the final Death Before Disgrace all have enough moving moments to make every old school metal fan shiver with glee. In between you find straighter song material that is aimed rather at the headbanging faction, but is just as good at achieving its goal. Dragonhelm is a classic uptempo metal bomb with hymnic chorus, Metal From Hellas a lesson in geography, and Born In The 70’s something like a history lesson with a wink.

It’s interesting to see that Battleroar have an Italian vocalist, especially since that country also has a very strong traditional metal scene, and is also the siege of their label. To Death And Beyond… may not have the grating charm of the legendary bands from way back then, but as a nostalgic piece of heavy metal, it works perfectly, as the transparent production manages never to sound too contemporary, and the songwriting is inspiring enough to make this more than just a tribute. Excellently done!

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