BAYSIDE - Acoustic

Bayside - Acoustic

10 songs
39:40 minutes
***** ***


Bayside have so far released two albums on Victory Records. Their debut Sirens And Condolences was just an average emo album, but the following self-titled record showed an incredible improvement. Unfortunately, the band was struck by tragic disaster on Halloween 2005 while touring with their label mates Hawthorne Heights, Aiden and Silverstein. The tour bus was involved in an accident on icy roads in Wyoming which killed their drummer John Beatz and seriously injured their bassist Nick Ghanbarian.

To thank their fans for all the support they received afterwards, the two remaining Bayside members decided to tour as an acoustic act. But this album is not an entire live album. Nine songs were recorded in the studio and there is only one live track. But as a bonus, you get a DVD (37 minutes running time), showing outtakes from their live shows. Masterpiece is the only track taken from the debut. The second album is represented by five songs, so there are four new songs left. Those are two own compositions and cover versions by Elliott Smith and The Smoking Popes.

In general, I'm not too big a fan of acoustic performances, but I think that in the case of Bayside, you should consider the circumstances and respect very much that Jack O'Shea and Anthony Raneri go on stage, sing and play guitar to avoid that the memory of their drummer should be forgotten. Although the entire album is acoustic, there are much more emotions on this album than what you can expect from usual campfire recordings.

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