BAYSIDE - Bayside

June - Bayside

11 songs
40:48 minutes
***** ***


I admit not being familiar with Bayside's debut album Sirens And Condolences which didn't get too good a review one and a half years ago at this side. Normally not the specialist when it comes to emo punk, I concentrate on the louder aspects of popular music, but opportunity wanted me this time to sit down and write this review, and I can't say that I regret spending a couple of hours with Bayside from Long Island, New York.

I have to close my ears to the lyrics that are your typical clichés of self-pity and self-loathing. But once you get past that slight problem, you are confronted with a band that is plainly great when they rock out on their guitars, and are still more than averagely good on their more restrained work. The acoustic ballad Don't Call Me Peanut is a real let-down, but the more dynamic pieces are more than mere consolation. The one minute opener Hello Shitty is unusually brief and to the point, but the following Devotion And Desire proves that Bayside belong to the top group of contemporary emo bands. Other highlights include Montauk with its phenomenal chorus and the epic five minute closer Dear Tragedy.

Why did Bayside make their sophomore release a self-titled album? In my opinion it's to make it another start, and believe me, this is more than I expected of them. Bayside is an album that touches occasionally on greatness and hardly ever disappoints. Even if the lyrics are way too whiny for my taste, the music and the powerful vocals make up for that, treating you with well seasoned emo punk that fans of Alkaline Trio and Jawbreaker surely will enjoy.

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