BEHOLDER - Lethal Injection

Beholder - Lethal Injection

10 songs
40:39 minutes
***** *


Lethal Injection is the third CD by Beholder, one of Italy's leading power metal bands. This kind of music is actually very popular in Italy, and the Milan based six-piece uses the safe way to play this genre in a very traditional way: two singers (male and female), guitar, bass, drums and lots of keyboards. After a spooky sounding intro which is as frightening as the Blair Witch Project (haha), the CD starts with a very fast song called Mr. Grady. This songwriting recipe gets repeated very often: fast and melodic songs which sometimes turn into more hymn like material. The album also contains two ballads: the long title song and Far Away on which they get support by Labyrinth's Roberto Tiranti. My favourite track is Stay where Beholder are sounding like a US hard rock band kidnapped from the Eighties. I don't know if they want to make a tribute or a parody of these times, but this song is more unusual and different from the rest of the album. My general impression is that Beholder have reached a dead end street. What you can hear on this album has somehow already been done on the two preceding records. It's certainly well done, but eventually disappointing because there's no progress.

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