BEHOLD... THE ARCTOPUS - Arctopocalypse Now... Warmageddon Later

Behold... The Arctopus - Arctopocalypse Now... Warmageddon Later

2 songs
11:15 minutes
***** *****


What the fuck is an Arctopus??? And who the fuck are Behold... The Arctopus??? If you are into really, really weeeiiiird music, then this is definitely something for you. BTA are one of those bands I would never even had noticed if it weren't for Colin Marston, also of Infidel Castro fame. Infidel Castro play cinemascopic experimental avant-soundtrack stuff and are in no way comparable to BTA who are METAL. But don't think any kind of sword and sorcery metal, but something much more in the vein of what used to be known as techno metal back in the mid-Eighties when WatchTower reinvented a whole genre by themselves.

BTA's influence are metal revolutionaries like prog-groove-metal gods Cynic, insane shit like Spastic Ink, crazy black death thrash la Theory in Practice, math-core geniuses Dillinger Escape Plan and icons like King Crimson, and if these names not only mean something to you, but actually give you an emotional hard-on, then BTA is exactly what you are looking for.

It's hard to explain their music: it's fast, instrumental and totally complex and complicated. Colin plays a 12-string super guitar which you need to see to believe that an instrument like that exists in real life. The songs are certainly not easy to remember, but the songwriting is done in a very intelligent way: instead of just layering guitar solo over another guitar solo, BTA mostly play with complex rhythms and at times very doomy stuff, reminding at what Slayer would sound like if they jammed with Tool in a progressive mood.

The monumental title of the CD - Arctopocalypse Now... Warmageddon Later and the insane song titles (Alcoholocaust, You Will Be Reincarnated As An Imperial Attack Spaceturtle (pt 1)) show also that even though the technical aspects of the music are very high, the band's sense of humour doesn't come to short. For now I only hope that there will soon be a complete album of these up-and-coming prog gods. If you really want this shit now (and I hope you do), then you can visit the band's website or their site at where you can download the 2 tracks of this cute-looking 3-Inch-mini-CD, or better even order it, it's not expensive and totally great!

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