The Berzerker - World Of Lies

14 songs
58:00 minutes
***** **


When it comes to which is the fastest metal band in the World, The Berzerker from Australia certainly score among the top five. Started years ago as an extreme gabba hardcore act, The Berzerker was soon discovered by Earache Records who wanted them to make remixes of their death metal and grind core bands. The Berzerker must have found pleasure with the heavy sound of the guitar, because their now already third album World Of Lies doesn't betray their techno background any longer.

Instead you get artificially sped up grind core where at least on the recordings the band preferred to rely on drum computers, because it is dubious if any one live human flesh drummer could have performed those high speed antics. The guitars have been recorded straight into the mixing deck, without the classical method of using amplifiers first. This means that they may have recorded the whole album with headphones on, without disturbing the neighbours, but the overall sound also comes out changed, for better or worse is up to the listener. As I grew up with traditional hard rock music, I somehow miss the warm sound of the guitar amplifier. On World Of Lies, the guitars have a harsh, scratchy and cold sound, that probably works well with the overall nihilistic backdrop of the music, but makes listening to the technically exquisite guitar lines unfortunately also sometimes a bit hard on the nerves.

The first twelve songs are a half hour of ultra-fast grind core with astonishingly progressive guitar work, incredible programming and harsh vocals that sometimes risk drowning in the wall of noise. Then there's a blank five minute pause before the instrumental twenty minute Farewell ends the album with a mellower note, although after five minute that track has already said all it has to tell.

The Berzerker may be a novelty band in the extreme metal genre, but they are certainly better and more interesting than other metal bands with drum programming. If they had opted for more traditional recording gear and a transparent production, this would have been a milestone. As it is, World Of Lies is a far above average grind core album that surprises with excellent musicianship yet disappoints with its lack of accessibility.

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