Beyond The Embrace - Insect Song

10 songs
43:22 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


It's no news that traditional thrash metal is living a revival and this movement let appear some great bands like Cage, Wolf or Beyond The Embrace who released their strong debut Against The Elements in 2002. Now the band with three guitarists releases their second album Insect Song. Before mentioning the music, I have to give my compliments to the band for a really awesome cover artwork. What hasn't changed is the band's deep appreciation for Metallica. Already the first notes of the opener Fleshengine Breakdown remind of the Bay Area heroes and Plague shows strong parallels to Blackened. Vocalist Shawn Gallagher also shows his huge appreciation for James Hetfield. There are many passages on the record where he tries to copy his idol, although I have to admit that he uses more screaming parts. Beyond The Embrace won't win a gold medal in originality, but they are able to write great thrash songs with beautiful and harmonic guitar lines, a powerful rhythm section and angry vocals (well, that's the recipe for a thrash song). Absent is a slow and melancholic song which is very different from the rest of the album. The consumer has to decide if he prefers a good Metallica influenced newcomer band or if he wants to stick to the original (who sound revitalised since St. Anger). I like listening to Insect Song, but also have to blame them for their too conservative approach.

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