BEYOND THE SIXTH SEAL - The Resurrection Of Everything Tough

Beyond The Sixth Seal - The Resurrection Of Everything Tough

13 songs
55:57 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Maybe they were just not busy enough, or how can you explain that two members of extreme metalcore grinders The Red Chord had to found another band at the end of the last millennium? The Resurrection Of Everything Tough is already Beyond The Sixth Seal’s third album, on their third label too. Instead of complex prog noise attacks, BTSS are more at home with Scandinavian death metal combined with a modern metalcore attitude. Ten years ago, we would have called this genre death’n’roll and would also have them compared to Entombed.

Instead of trying to record the most brutal album ever, there is even a certain laid back attitude to their sound. The guitars are extremely fat and groovy, the rhythm section is simple but effective, and the vocals convey the necessary amount of rawness. But no matter how aggressive BTSS try to be, there is always a feeling of old-time rock’n’roll to their music. Like I mentioned already, this has been done already before, but BTSS master the situation excellently, always delicately balancing between crunchy extreme metal and tongue-in-cheek fun. Unlike many of their contemporaries (and to a certain extent even their main band The Red Chord), BTSS still emphasise the fun in death metal, and that makes The Resurrection Of Everything Tough not only one of the better, but also one of the more unusual metal album of recent times.

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