BIBLE OF THE DEVIL - Freedom Metal

Bible Of The Devil - Freedom Metal

8 songs
43:51 minutes
***** ****
Cruz Del Sur


Band name and album title sound rather silly, and the cover artwork isn’t exactly helping to create a more serious impression. Only the fact that this has been released by a label known for nearly always picking high quality metal bands made me approach this CD without too much anxiety. Founded in 1999, the Chicago four-piece Bible Of The Devil released its first three albums on small independent labels before they were signed two years ago by the renowned Italian company Cruz Del Sur. The unshaven faces on the back cover promise already a less than clean music, and they don’t disappoint. The seven minute long opener Hijack The Night is a perfect piece of Seventies inspired hard rock / heavy metal music, spiced with the gritty approach that the Nineties brought into play. The band sounds like a severely stoned Thin Lizzy (just listen to the vocals on Ol’ Girl… Phil Lynott back from the grave!) teaming up with a make-up-less Kiss. The good songwriting leaves plenty of room for guitar solos that always work for the benefit of the song. Night Oath has a more epic feeling, and might explain why Bible Of The Devil are sometimes labelled a stoner metal band. They combine the raw and dirty facets of the stoner genre with the muscular strength of American flavoured power metal.

Strangely enough, I like the Illinoisers best when they pick up the acoustic guitar, as on the slightly folk rocking Heat Feeler where they emerge in a truly original sound. That shouldn’t diminish my view of their regular sound which may not be overly original but manages to combine classical Seventies metal structures with a contemporary less polished attitude.

Not wanting to be seen as some kind of right wing nuts (Freedom Metal has absolutely nothing to do with Freedom fries!), Bible Of The Devil quote philosopher Hobbes to explain the album title, and have president-elect Obama among their Myspace top friends.

Fans of vintage metal who cherish a nicely basic production should check out Freedom Metal, already the fifth longplayer by an American band that leaves no doubt that they are doing exactly the music they love.

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