BIG BALL - Hotter Than Hell

Big Ball - Hotter Than Hell

13 songs
48:13 minutes
***** *


I happen to be a fan of Debauchery whose eccentric mix of classic hard rock riffs combined with death metal vocals may not be overly accessible, but always leaves me with a pleasant aftertaste. Especially their last album Rockers And War was one of my metal highlights of last year. Their vocalist Thomas Gurrath has started recently Big Ball who play songs that could have been on any AC/DC album.

Didn’t Airbourne come up with that idea already earlier and to a lot of success? Didn’t many other bands try to sound exactly like the Australian flagship rockers? And my last question: are Big Ball hoping to get a piece of this admittedly very popular cake? The songs on Hotter Than Hell all sound, from the first to the last note, like Brian Johnston era AC/DC. Especially the vocal similarities are bordering on the uncanny. Big Ball occasionally switch their pace, but remain most of the time in groove-heavy mid-tempo territory. The thirteen tracks are good without an exception, but I doubt that it is that hard to write song in the vein of AC/DC who never were overly demanding, but still a cult band.

Hotter Than Hell eventually somehow drifts past me, and I wonder if it hadn’t been a better idea to reduce their activities on downright covering AC/DC songs. I prefer the original, and I am convinced that most other fans of the Australian rockers follow my lead.

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