BIOLENCE - Melodic Thrashing Mayhem

Biolence - Melodic Thrashing Mayhem

6 songs
27:05 minutes
***** ***


When it comes to metal, Portugal has first and foremost been known for Moonspell, but evidently there are more suchlike bands active in this Southern European country. One of them is called Biolence, active since 1998, who recently self-released their first EP Melodic Thrashing Mayhem. Despite the incredibly unoriginal title, their hefty mix of thrash metal and metalcore happens to please.

The EP contains only four regular tracks that all have a length of more or less six minutes. The intro consists of an announcement and the outro is only a bizarre noise, and both could have been left out in my opinion. Fortunately the four songs make up for that. Biolence is a raw slab of music with fat riffs and tons of rhythm that remind of Sepultura. Things become a whole lot more extreme on Land And Freedom where the band is flirting with the metalcore genre, resulting in something not unlike Neaera. Blood Of The God starts in something like a black metal way, but the guitar harmonies make sure that the melodies are not neglected. Thanks to its spectacular sequence of guitar riffs, this might be the EP’s most mature track. The concluding Pure offers classic thrash metal that sounds like a tribute to Kreator.

You will look in vain for new ideas here, but Melodic Thrashing Mayhem is nevertheless a powerful and energetic thrash metal record that should appeal to every headbanger. Let’s hope that Biolence will be busier from now on so that their fans won’t have to wait so long for a follow-up.

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