BIRDBONES - Birdbones

Birdbones - Birdbones

6 songs
24:33 minutes
***** *


Until recently no one ever heard of Birdbones, probably because their vocalist Deborah Lehnen was living in Mauritius until 2010. I don’t know what made her give up living in the warmer climate down south, but when she joined the band, Birdbones soon became a household name. This year they already released a first six-track EP.

The record starts with their single Every Single One Of Us which one might label nicely groomed rock music. Somehow the track reminds of a mix of Alanis Morissette and Joan Osborne. It’s well done for what it is, but despite some harder guitar parts, the song could do with more power. The extraordinarily professional video is worth watching though. Streamline is a more soulful piece which comes with cool retro organ sounds. Actually Deborah has a rather “black” voice, and the following Poor Boy shows fittingly enough parallels to Lenny Kravitz. Feel is a similarly funky track before the EP ends with two quieter songs. Ruins is a ballad with an intriguing skewed violin part, while Whispering Ghosts is showing the band from its more dramatic and kitsch side.

It’s a nice gesture of the band to offer the EP as a free download from their homepage. Their music might be a little too tame for my taste, but I concede that the musicians have delivered an absolutely professional debut that makes them worth watching out for further deeds in the future.

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